The #1 Agile App Development platform for the Cloud

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The easiest, fastest & "Googlest" solution to build, run, test and maintain Cloud applications


Solutions with workflows, building blocks and business rules. "Easy to understand, easy to change, easy to integrate"


Much more than 'traditional' Application Development. With features not found in 4th Generation Languages


Create surveys, exams. Collect & analyze data

Digitally sign & share. Workflow control

Release notes

Concepts and Design guide

Feature overview

Automated testing

create a system in 1 hour

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generate from Lucidchart flowchart

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IT, finance & eCommerce choose Harmony

 An increasing number of businesses and industries are being run on software, delivered as online services. Over 90% still relies on traditional IT / development practices, consuming lots of time and costs. This is why we've "removed" the programming from developing applications,  

Workflows, business rules, databases, Google Apps integration, case management, auditability and decision support is 80% of your IT systems, which Harmony delivers in 20% of the time. 


Harmony supports multiple channels: User Interface, Voice, Social, Batch input.


The solution for Agile IT, Cloud and Google

Harmony was designed to support the Cloud;  applying the "built to break architecture guidelines".


Take advantage of the power of Google [Apps] and build systems in the cloud without "development" skills. Maps, Sheets, gMail, Docs/pdf, Calendar ... all one-mouse click away.


Security, scalability, performance, compliance and maintainability are on every IT agenda;  Harmony delivers this out-of-the-box !

 Build, test, change & test. Deploy. Change &  test. Without writing any code ! 



Start within hours and  enjoy / experience (cost) savings not found with any other tool !

Your organization +  Harmony = IT  INNOVATION


**NEW** business professionals create systems


Business professionals know the business best: workflows, business rules and data. But without IT  skills they depent on IT experts to turn knowledge into IT systems.

Harmony provides the tools & the platform to create business applications. Using  Google spreadsheets, you get started in a day. Within a week you'll have your 1st [version] IT system!


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Take advantage of the latest technologies & say goodbye to traditional IT.  Enjoy an 50% + productivity increase


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Create, test,  deploy and  maintain business rules. Rules logic and rules in  two-dimensional and multi-dimensional decision tables.

Because business rules are even better understood by users when stored in spreadsheets. This leads to  fewer interpretation errors, allowing developers to focus on core IT operations. 

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A Business Rules Management System

Solutions that are easy to change

Adapt Harmony solutions to fit your business;  it's "Do-It-Yourself IT".


Use a building block, add your workflows, create your UI (User Interface) and presentation flows. Add your business rules & expressions. Generate & share documents, create templates to integrate with gMail and Calendar.

Do It Yourself: no need for IT developers,

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Putting data first ...

Data1st is our agile, evolutionary, process for developing and maintaining, complex, IT systems.

Who knows more about your data than expert users and domain experts? We provide the tools, and the platform, to document data and test systems with that same data.

Our Data 1st approach offers significant benefits over Use Cases  & Test Driven Development [TDD], which are the dominant methods in the majority of software development projects.


Data 1st increases agility and optimizes quality.


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Real-time collaboration

Get started with the IoT (Internet of Things)

Dynamic Case Management System

Harmony is  a technology and platform supporting events/tasks. It does this by creating cases, which links to collections of information for a particular instance - such as ordering, incident handling, service requests.

Harmony is an exciting, and unique feature,the ability to dynamically "extend" or change workflows when your system is in production (i.e. impacting active cases). It gives new meaning to the "adaptive" orginization. 


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Create  applications that support speech. Your smart phone (iPhone) let's customers talk to your business applications.  


Customers love it; it's easier, faster and more efficient than typing. 


Harmony delivers - out-of-the-box !


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Our solutions run on top-of  Google DOCS allowing people to  work together when creating workflows, rules and data. Create & run test cases online. There's hardly a learning curve; Harmony & Testimony use the spreadsheet format that we all know.


Apply real-time collaboration to other, non-IT, projects. You'll love it!


See how; watch the YouTube video 

Harmony powers the IoT allowing organizations to translate sensor data  into business process actions using the simplest interface imaginable.


Harmony's unique sensor powered layer listens" to sensors, firing events when 'threshold' levels are met. How? Simply create [events] and connect [sensors].


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Add voice to  applications